How to Tell if a Rug is Handmade or Machine Made?

Whether you’re buying a Persian rug, Oriental carpet, or a Gabbeh rug, it’s best to check whether it’s actually worth your money or not. In other words, buying a rug requires you to keep a lot of things in consideration, such as its design, color, where was it made, and most importantly, how durable it is.

And if you’re wondering what type of rugs are the most long-lasting, handmade rugs is the answer!

So, if you’re buying an expensive rug, make sure it’s authentic and hand-crafted by experts, and that you’re not being scammed by a machine rug manufacturer.

How? We’ve got tips below!

Tips to Identify an Authentic Handmade Rug

If you want to make sure that the rug you’re buying is 100% original and hand-knotted by skilled master weavers, you should be able to tell the difference between a handmade and a machine-made rug.

For instance, if you’re thinking about getting yourself a Gabbeh rug online, or purchasing one from a store nearby, check to see if it has the following characteristics of a real handmade rug:

  1. Check for a Tag on the Back

If the Gabbeh handmade rug that you’re about to buy is actually handmade, it most probably won’t have a tag on its back.

In most cases, it’s only the machine-made rugs that are mass produced by carpet manufacturing companies at a large scale that have tags on their back.

Which means if you’re seeing a tag on a supposedly handmade rug, it’s FAKE!

2. Know the Material it’s Made of

Handmade Gabbeh rugs, or any other type of hand-crafted floor coverings are usually of the very best quality, made using the finest material and age-old weaving techniques.

Mostly, handmade rugs are made of natural materials such as wool.

On the other hand, if the rug is crafted using synthetic fibers, such as nylon or polyester, it’s definitely machine-made.

3. See if the Fringe is Sewn On

When a handmade Gabbeh rug, Persian carpet, or Oriental floor covering is crafted, the fringe on the sides of the rug forms on its own as the knots are tied.

However, if you notice that the fringe on the rug you’re examining is sewn on, know that it’s a fake, machine-made piece and not an authentic Gabbeh crafted by the exceptionally skilled weavers of Pakistan.

4. Carefully Examine its Backside

Another thing that you need to look at while shopping for a handmade Ziegler rug online is its backside. That’s because machine-made and handcrafted rugs don’t look alike from the back at all.

If the rug has white lines running all over it’s back, from one end to the other, it’s made by machines and not by talented craftsmen!

All in all, whenever you’re on a hunt for a handmade rug, before making a payment, make sure the rug is actually an authentic piece handwoven by experts to avoid any future regrets!

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At QALEEN, we feature a wide and impressive stock of gorgeous handmade rugs, ranging from modern rugs, Persian and Oriental rugs, tribal rugs and many more. Therefore, you can be rest assured to find the rug of your choice from our online rug store.

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