What Is An Outdoor Rug And How To Choose It In A Right Way?

An outdoor rug is not just an indoor rug that you place on a terrace or balcony! Indeed, outdoor rugs are decorative accessories specially designed to be installed outdoors, which means that they are both resistant:

1- To humidity

2- Bad weather (rain, snow, wind, etc.)

In fact, you can completely leave your garden carpet or your patio carpet outside without having to put it in whatever the temperature and the weather outside! Even if it is still advisable to bring in the outdoor Area rugs during the fall and winter to prevent them from getting dirty for nothing.

Easy to maintain, they just ask to be shaken and washed with soapy water or a water jet from time to time to keep their beautiful colors day after day.

Outdoor Rugs: Practical Rugs, But First and Foremost Decoration!

Outdoor rugs are therefore decorative accessories that can be placed:

Under the dining table in the garden or under the coffee table in a garden furniture;

On a terrace or balcony;

At the edge of a swimming pool: the outdoor mat is then used to avoid dirtying the water when entering, but also to protect your feet when leaving swimming.

And if garden rugs have been on the rise in recent years, it is because in addition to being practical, they also allow you to beautify your exterior.

Indeed, today outdoor rugs are available in all sizes, all possible colors (neutral, soft, bright, printed, etc.), and they can even imitate certain floor coverings (wood effect garden rugs , cement tile effect, stone effect, pebble effect …). All tastes are allowed to arrange your outdoor space with style!

What Material For My Garden Rug?

If you want to decorate your garden or terrace with outdoor rugs, know that you will be spoiled for choice in terms of materials! The first distinction to make when it comes to garden rugs is whether you prefer a rug made from natural materials, or from synthetic materials.

Carpets made of natural materials such as seagrass or bamboo, made from plant fibers, will bring to your exterior an authentic and natural touch of the most aesthetic. But beware: this type of carpet is less resistant to bad weather, especially humidity.

Outdoor rugs made of synthetic materials (polypropylene, vinyl, PVC, polyester) are certainly less elegant than natural garden rugs, but they have the advantage of being more robust (because they have been previously treated with factory), easier to maintain and cheaper.

Choosing The Right Outdoor Rug

To ensure that it meets both your expectations and your needs, here are the little things to remember before choosing your outdoor rug:

If this is a Bokhara rug online that you are going to place under a table in a living or dining area, consider choosing one that is easy to maintain and stain resistant.

If, on the contrary, you want to invest in outdoor rugs to warm up the atmosphere of your terrace or balcony, opt for natural materials and soft colors that will give a cozy touch to your relaxation area.

If your outdoor rug is located on a patio where the passage will be frequent, opt for a solid material that will resist wear and tear!

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