What Is An Outdoor Rug And How To Choose It In A Right Way?

Carpets are exported to the garden! The terrace, the balcony or the edge of your swimming pool can now be covered with carpet designed for this purpose, resistant to UV and weathering. A good decorative idea, as aesthetic as it is practical!

How to Tell if a Rug is Handmade or Machine Made?

Whether you’re buying a Persian rug, Oriental carpet, or a Gabbeh rug, it’s best to check whether it’s actually worth your money or not. In other words, buying a rug requires you to keep a lot of things in consideration, such as its design, color, where was it made, and most importantly, how durable itContinue reading “How to Tell if a Rug is Handmade or Machine Made?”

Reasons Why Handmade Rugs are Better than Machine Made Rugs

Oriental, Persian and Turkish oushak rugs regularly mean considerably more to their proprietors than filling in as an expansion to their home or work style. Aside from being an interest in a masterpiece, every floor covering recounts to a one of a kind story of the craftsman who made it, where it began and theContinue reading “Reasons Why Handmade Rugs are Better than Machine Made Rugs”

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